Healing Both Worlds at the Same Time

I would like to share an invaluable lesson I had early on in my mediumship career, that shaped the way I do my mediumship today.

As my client sat in front of me, I knew she was in deep grief. At that point, I had yet to experience someone sitting in front of me with such a deep sense of pain.

As I began the session, Spirit showed me a gray shadow in the shape of a young woman. I was a bit surprised at this vision. I knew the girl's energy was weak and it was very hard for me to connect with her. I felt a sense of her letting me know that she took ownership of the way she had passed. Once I shared this information, my client started crying and said “Yes, that's my daughter. She took her own life”.

Before I could say anything else the mom asked me if her daughter was in hell. Imagine my shock when she asked! It crushed me that she might think her beautiful daughter was in hell. Now I understood why this woman was so devastated. Her daughter then let me know her mother had rarely gone out in public for years except for an occasional store errand but spent most of her time praying for her daughter's soul. I relayed the message and the mother agreed, explaining that she was having a hard time thinking her daughter was being punished for taking her own life. ,

I then let my client know that her daughter was not in hell. I told her that she, in fact, was with God, and was accepted and loved now as well as when she reached the other side, BUT…… what we are not aware of as human beings are that when you take your physical body out of the equation you are not taking your soul. Your soul survives death, and not only does it survive, but it is also part of the whole again (the Spiritual whole).

I went on to tell my client, “What this means is that now your daughter knows everything you think and feel like she's experiencing it herself, as well as everyone who was connected to her in the physical world. She is absolutely feeling the effects of the pain everyone is experiencing here in the physical world due to her actions. Which makes this a sort of hell doesn't it? If she had known you were going to experience this pain she would have never made the same choice. As physical beings, we just don't realize this until we have crossed. What you can do for your daughter is to know she is safe and loved on the other side, and to do the best you can to go on with your life in the best way possible, and to continue your soul growth. Your daughter’s soul will be at peace knowing she hasn't stopped your own soul’s growth. To live your life as best you can, to feel some form of joy, and to experience things that bring you peace and happiness would be the greatest healing you could bring to your daughter, every laugh, every moment of love and joy she could feel will bring her comfort, she will get to experience this with you.”

Once this mother knew she had the power to help her daughter to be at peace, I could immediately feel the pain and grief lift from both sides. At that moment, the most miraculous thing happened: the energy in the room shifted as the daughter rose to the top of the room (in my mediumistic-vision) and presented herself in a bioluminescent way. I then could see and feel her so much stronger than when she first appeared in a shadow form. We went on to have an amazing session with lots of beautiful memories and details of their lives together.

For those of us who are left here after a loved one has passed, it plagues us to think “Could I have done something more to have prevented this?” “Could I have seen a sign if I had just paid better attention?” These thoughts weigh heavy on our souls, and our loved ones feel our anguish. Almost every soul I have worked through suicide with has deep remorse for putting the pain they were experiencing on to the ones they love.

Before this experience, I thought my “job” as a medium was to help the person sitting in front of me to heal by presenting proof that their loved ones did in fact survive physical death. I never dreamed my job would convey healing to the other side as well.

That is indeed the gift of mediumship sessions: to help heal both worlds.