Personal Session

Connecting with loved ones allows you to have 'conversations' with loved ones who have passed, bring clarity to unresolved questions & circumstances, and receive intuitive information and message from Spirit to find confirmation, validation and peace. You may come in person or have a session done over Zoom or phone. The fee for each one hour session is $150 total; option for add on of 30 minutes is $50 when booking. One guest, connecting to the same loved one, can attend with no extra fee. An audio recorded session will be emailed to you after your session if desired.


Gallery Session

Group sessions with friends and/or family. Preferred session size is less than 25 people. However, there is no guarantee that more than 8 people will receive a reading due to time availability. Zoom Gallery sessions are two hours for a fee of $250 total. In-Person Gallery sessions are two hours for a fee of $350 total (location could increase this fee)



Provide one on one guidance. During each session I will provide guidance on using your abilities to their fullest potential. One hour session each week for 6 weeks for $450 total.


What to Expect

I am committed to providing a safe and genuine atmosphere for you to connect with your loved ones. Whether you have been to a medium before or if this is your first experience with one, each session is unique based on the needs of the client, those in Spirit, and my particular style of communicating with Spirit.

Making your appointment:

1. Make an appointment through my scheduling link.

2. Payment is required prior to the session through my scheduling link. If you are unable to pay prior to arriving, I can accept cash or check at the beginning of your session.

3. Please note: children under 16 must have parents present at the reading.

4. Sometimes a connection cannot be made for reasons beyond our understanding. If no connection is made within the first 20 minutes, you have the option to reschedule or terminate the session. If you choose to terminate the session you will be refunded in full.

Prior to your appointment:

Please do NOT offer up any information, details or names to me. Doing so can take away the validation Spirit likes to share in session. Please DO set an intention for whom you would like to communicate with or what you would like to get out of the session.

During your appointment:

Spirit will give me thoughts, feelings and impressions to communicate to you. This is somewhat of a creative process. Spirit will sometimes offer unusual messages or items of confirmation in order to offer you validating 'evidence' that is really is 'them'. For example, in one reading I asked a client "How do you connect with My Little Pony?" That happened to be a toy bought during a very significant time in their family's life. We were able to continue identifying compelling information throughout the session, allowing that client to leave feeling confident they had connected with their deceased loved one. For more testimonials, please see this page.

That said, if you do not understand or resonate with what Spirit is communicating during your session, do not worry. Please do not feel pressured to try to make anything from our session 'fit' by stretching the meaning. Rather, let me know when you don't understand something and I will describe it in a different way. This is a normal part of the process.