I would like to share an invaluable lesson I had early on in my mediumship career, that shaped the way I do my mediumship today.

As my client sat in front of me, I knew she was in deep grief. At that point, I had yet to experience someone sitting in front of me with such a deep sense of pain.

As I began the session, Spirit showed me a gray shadow in the shape of a young woman. I was a bit surprised at this vision. I knew the girl's energy was weak and it was very hard for me to connect with her. I felt a sense of her letting me know that she took ownership of the way she had passed. Once I shared this information, my client started crying and said “Yes, that's my daughter. She took her own life”.

Before I could say anything else the mom asked me if her daughter was in hell. Imagine my shock when she asked! It crushed me that she might think her beautiful daughter was in hell. Now I understood why this woman was so devastated. Her daughter then let me know her mother had rarely gone out in public for years except for an occasional store errand but spent most of...


Several people contact me about their spiritually gifted children, so I wanted to put together a resource for parents and caregivers. Your child may have started showing signs of being spiritually gifted at an early age: looking over your shoulder, smiling at someone that's seemingly not there, hearing them having conversations when no one else is in the room, or knowing exactly how you are feeling when you have yet to share those feelings. The spiritually gifted children also show signs of deep compassion very early. Listen to the recent Wise Skies podcast where I was interviewed about supporting spiritually gifted children.

Below are the top three questions I get asked about how to support a spiritually gifted child.

Number 1: My child is seeing Spirit people in their room at night, and is scared, what do I do?

The first thing you want to do is acknowledge it. The worst thing...