"Elodie is the REAL DEAL! Her approach of not wanting to know any details of who you want to talk to on the other side creates an authenticity that is unquestionable. I have been so blessed with her gift to speak with my Mother and now my brother. Not only did she find them, she confirmed their history, issues while they were alive and re-assured me that they heard every word I said to them. Independent of your faith, you must know this lifetime on this planet Earth is not all there is, and Elodie's abilities confirm that 1000%. What a healing it is to speak with your loved ones and confirm everything you felt for them, and that now they can see and recognize their choices, and feel all of the outpouring of Love they always had available to them. Elodie and her gifts have been one of the most amazing gifts to me as it completely confirmed everything I know about transitioning to the other side and that I have not lost my Mother or Brother, they are just in another form, and I just have to be open to speak with them a little differently." Natalie H.

"I was referred to Elodie after losing my mother in January of this year. I had been COVERED in grief and cried every single day with not much of a desire to get out of bed. I needed some questions answered and I just needed to hear from my mom again. Elodie pretty much took care of this for me, our session together blew my mind, it was emotional, it was crazy unbelievable, the accuracy, the clarity, the content, the profound connection, it was all so beautiful. She left me with no doubt that she was connected to mom and she brought mom’s personality through perfectly. Thanking her is not enough, there is not enough gratitude in the whole world for her helping me. I think my favorite thing about Elodie is that she has a big heart, she is kind and sincere and aside from having a super duper session, I also feel that I have made a great new friend. Elodie is divinely gifted and I am forever grateful that she shared her gift with me. I hope that she will receive in return as many blessings as she has given." Tana Hunt

"Elodie is so special to me! She answered the one question I had since I was very young. I didn't even have to ask her! Just spoke with my uncle on the way to my appointment and through her he was able to let me know I did see HIM! I was also able to get through to my grandmother.. all the details were spot on and the messages were so special. I felt as though I was right there with my loved ones who have passed on. Elodie made me feel comfortable and she took her time with me. My experience was everything I hoped it would be and I didn't want to leave!" - Samantha Daniels

"My reading with Elodie was such a huge confirmation to things I have been feeling for the past 24 years since losing my mom. Elodie was able to remind me of the love my mother and I share. It was also a great time to reflect on how far I had come. I will definitely be going back." Susan J.

"I recently had a session with Elodie and she helped me not only with the loss of my mother but with messages that my mother had for my sister and I. The message has really helped me in my personal life and with the relationship between my sister and I. My mother was always there to direct and guide me, I have missed that, Elodie was my direct connection. She did such a great job, was caring and her heart was totally into what she could do for me. Thank you Elodie!" Tori T.

"I had a phone reading with Elodie and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she connected with my loved ones and how accurate the reading was. She was very professional and I highly recommend her.”- J. A.

"Elodie really made me feel relaxed and helped me to be receptive to the messages that came from Spirit. She was very professional and discreet, which I appreciated. The compassion that she showed during our session was very authentic and really touched me. She was so very sincere and dedicated in helping me find closure and in understanding the process and the messages. I will be scheduling more sessions with her!" - Melissa S.

"I am a skeptic by nature, but I must say that after meeting with Elodie several times now, she showed me each time that she is the 'real deal' and very talented in her abilities. It was also clear that she was mostly concerned with doing right by Spirit and providing a helpful service to me - and my loved ones! it is so very nice to have found someone that I can trust and that I know has the ability to truly provide a bridge with my loved ones who have crossed over." - J. Searcy

"I had a wonderful reading with Elodie and it helped me SO much. She was very patient with spirits of my loved ones who were all trying to communicate at the same time! I can't wait for my next 'family get together'...THANK YOU, ELODIE!" - Alice D.