I Didn’t Even Know What Mediumship Was

In my last blog post, I shared my near-death experience with you. During that experience, Spirit showed me that if I went back to living in the physical world (despite my concerns about life being too harsh), I was going to have a special family, complete with two boys. I also was shown that my life was going to take a new direction. Little did I know this new direction would lead me on the path of mediumship.

In fact, even though I was comfortable contacting Spirit, I didn’t even know what mediumship was. When I was in my early 20s, I recall telling my friend about an experience of seeing a ghost. She looked at me and said, “You know that's not normal, right?” I said, “What do you mean it's not normal? Surely, you've seen a ghost.” She had never seen a ghost nor had any stories about ghosts. But by then, I had quite a few.

Fast forward ten years to the moment when I discovered what professional evidential mediumship was, and found my life purpose. I was walking through the living room, and heard John Edward on TV. He provided messages to a live audience from Spirit. They were getting clear, powerful, touching communication from deceased loved ones. At that moment I dropped all the laundry in my hands, and turned to look at the screen. I was totally blown away.

I realized that Spirit was showing me that there were other people like me who had the same gifts of spiritual communication. I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh. The way he’s interpreting Spirit messages - that's exactly what happens to me. That's exactly how I receive my information.”

That episode was a pivotal moment for me. Ever since seeing that show, I focused on connecting with professional mediums of the highest integrity. I took lessons from Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Lisa Williams, and Tony Stockwell as well as many other top mediums in the field.

Some of the most significant lessons I’ve learned from these community leaders include being confident Spirit will be present; to always trust what I get; that Spirit doesn’t waste a thought; to always be ethical and integris; and always provide undeniable evidence.

Mediumship is not just a spiritual gift. To me, it is a lifelong commitment and devotion to helping deliver messages for those on both sides of the veil. I make sure to let my clients know that I’m working as much for their deceased loved one as I am for them. I’ll even spend time after the session, connecting with Spirit to see what I can learn from about how to improve my delivery.

While I believe that everyone can develop their own mediumistic gifts, it’s important to me that we practice with integrity. Next time, I’ll be sharing info about some of my best practices and upcoming classes for those who want to learn more about their own psychic development. And if you’d like to book a session with me, I’m currently taking new clients.